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Orbit 7: The Battle Angel Files

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"Authentic!" "Brash!" "Irreverent!" "Irresistible!" "Unpredictable" and "Unforgettable"

are just some of the responses to this anthology of prose and poetry. Each message stands on its own. Each message has a logical rhyme, hauntingly beautiful.
These words live and breathe raw spirituality. From guarding souls to the heart pounding environment of trauma surgery, experience the intervention of Angels.
Learn how Angels slow and stop time to perform miracles and use this book as a guide to lean further into your own Angel.

Reality Author

Steven King

attended Valley Forge Military Academy and has more than twenty years of hard news experience. He has hosted talk shows, managed radio stations and written investigative articles about cutting edge issues. His writing is descriptive and electric enlightening.

Other Books by the Author...

Blue the Black Fish

Theodis “Blue” Springer, decided as a young man that he wanted to join this elite military unit. The path through Basic Underwater Demolition SEAL training is excruciating and has been shrouded in clandestine mystery. Discover what it means to “Ring Out” and “Get Wet” through the eyes of Blue the Black Fish, an actual day-by-day journal of BUD/S class 86.

Silent Partner

Road Deputy wrote his day to day on duty adventures in a journal that was provided to King. The format of Road Deputy's journals immersed the readers in the day to day encounters of a Black Police Officer. The journals showed how Roaddeputy dealt with everything from armed robberies to writing tickets. The one of a kind candor of RD shows through on all his interactions.

Sometimes the journal entries are scary and sometimes the journal entries are hilarious. The reader feels like a part of the Police call as Roaddeputy always provides his quirky commentaries on real life police drama. The journals chronicle one year of on duty calls for service and you learn a lot about the inner thoughts and feelings of the Police Officer that is Roaddeputy. This book is the result of that collaboration.

Click here to take a battle angel with you everywhere.


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